Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

(Click any pic to enlarge.)

Basecoat: Maybelline Salon Finish (Brick Creme)
Accent and designs: Konad special nail polish (Green, White)

Another successful composition, if I do say so myself! I wonder if I could get away with red, green, and white when it's not Christmas season. I'll try to think of something, because I think the colors look nice together.

I thought this was such a great idea for a picture! I'm sad to report that only now, after my nails aren't looking brand new, did I realize one finger is missing from the shot!

Bonus duckless pics! I took a lot of pictures of this set.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Basecoat: Konad special nail polish (Light Blue), Pure Ice nail polish (Calypso)
Designs: Konad special nail polish (White)

The thumb is meant to look like blowing snow. The middle three fingers are meant to look like snowflakes. The pinky is meant to look like snowballs. To my surprise, I don't have any actual snowflake designs! As with the candy canes, you have to use your imagination a bit.

The basecoat design on this one is different than my usual routine. I sponged on the light blue, but I thought it was too textured, so I painted over it with the calypso. I'm happy with the effect.

Candy Canes

I'm at it again with my late posting. This is last week's nail design. It's the closest rendition to candy canes I could do with what I have. What do you think? I used all Konad polish, with the red sponged on.

Basecoat: Konad special nail polish (Red)
Ribbons and Pearls: Konad special nail polish (White)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Punk Zebra

Basecoat: e.l.f. nail polish (Royal Purple)
Swirls: Konad special nail polish (Yellow)

I'm very excited about this design! It would make it near the top on a favorites list. I'd like to try it with other color combinations, but I'll be moving to winter designs next.

I think this is a really great purple!

Harvest Nails

Basecoat: e.l.f. nail polish (Chocolate)
Square design: Konad special nail polish (Orange)
Symbols: Konad special nail polish (Yellow)

This is the latest I've ever been posting! A whole other week has passed and needs to be posted too. I need to get on the ball! This is how I painted my nails for the week of Thanksgiving. I was going for something that would look autumnal and I'm pleased with the result.

Here's another view, and you can see my shoe in the background!