Thursday, January 28, 2010

Red Polka Dot French

(Click to enlarge.)

This is simple, but I love it! The red and white are both Konad's special polish. I cannot get the French stamps on to save my life (and I also can't keep a French looking nice to save my life), so Nathan did this for me. He did a really good job, eh? I called this a reverse Minnie Mouse. :) I think I'm going to be obsessed with doing these types of designs now, so I hope my blog doesn't get monotonous!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


(Click to enlarge.)

Basecoat: Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine (Carribean Frost)
All-Over Designs: Konad special nail polish (Light Blue)
Bubbles: Konad special nail polish (White)

I think the all-over design is actually supposed to be cow print, but I meant for it to look like fish scales. I think the bubbles help pull off that intended effect.

Oh, and I'm not quite a full week behind, since I haven't yet removed this polish and started on this week's nails! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010


(Click to enlarge.)

Basecoat: CoverGirl Boundless Color (Violet Vision)
All-Over Designs: CoverGirl 3-in-1 (Rythmic Blue)
Wind: Konad special nail polish (White)
Topcoat: CoverGirl Boundless Color (Gold Rush)

I'm getting pretty advanced now, using 4 polishes! I think there is a lot of subtlety to this design though, so it's not over the top like 4 polishes could have been. This seems very weather-appropriate to me, though I was afraid at first that it would be very springy, since the basecoat is pastel purple.

I just got a whole batch of nail polishes in that I ordered from All of the polishes except the white are from that batch. I think I might be becoming a nail polish addict! Uh-oh. Well, I've already half-thought that I might have a shopping addiction, so I guess that would just be a facet of that. It's not an extra addiction, at least!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's Drink to 2010

(Click to enlarge.)

Basecoat: Zoya nail polish (Gabrielle)
Squares: Konad special nail polish (Wine)
Designs: Konad special nail polish (White)

I had a massage at a local spa, and they had some colors of Zoya nail polish on sale, so I bought this color and another orange color. This color is a shimmery orange, and I really like the look. I couldn't capture a picture of the shimmer, but it looks really neat as the basecoat. Actually, this design was hard to photgraph all around. I think you can see that it's 2010 across the fingers, but in case you can't tell, it's champagne glasses on my thumbs. I've named this Konad polish, which is a dark reddish purple, "wine." Why doesn't Konad label them?

Silver Swirls on Purple

(Click to enlarge.)

Basecoat: e.l.f. nail polish (Royal Purple)
Swirls: Konad special nail polish (Silver)

I'm behind on posting again! I had this design on the week after Christmas. I thought the colors were a little festive, but not overly-much, appropriate for the holiday comedown.