Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Concert Nails

(Click any pic to enlarge.)

I am going to the Billy Joel and Elton John concert tomorrow, so I wanted my nails to go with that theme. Nothing about this design went right, and I'm actually not really happy with it, but it's okay.

First, I put on the tips with a Konad special polish. The color didn't come out at all like I expected. I looks like a dark purple in the bottle (which doesn't even really show in the picture of the bottle), but it came out reddish-brown on my nails. Nathan says it's Burgundy, so I'll go with that.

Then I put design over the tips with Konad special polish in Gold. (You can just barely see this, in the picture and in person.) And I can't for the life of me think of the word for the design! Ts? Stripes? Graph? Whatever. Moving on. I painted over the whole thing with Zoya Elise. I've never painted the tips and then the nail, or even the tips and the nail! I topped it all off with the music lines and notes in the same Burgundy polish.

I got the idea to take a picture of myself holding the bottles from Susie!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pink Stripe Tips

(Click to enlarge, though this one looks a lot better from far away/smaller!)

The white is Konad special polish. The stripes are e.l.f. in Berry Pink. The sparkly topcoat is CoverGirl Boundless Color in Amethyst Mist. I applied it too early and smudged the tips and stripes. :( You can see a whole area on my thumb that I accidentally "erased" with the topcoat. I also didn't realize how far the stripes extended past the tips until I saw the picture. It looks really nice from the normal distance you usually see someone's hand though. (Of course, now that it's been on over a week, not so much! But it has stayed on the best of any tips I've ever done. Maybe it's the topcoat.)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

(Click pics to enlarge.)

I used the Konad special polish in red and white. By the time I made it to work the next day to take a picture with one of my duckies, I'd already chipped my thumb! At least it was in a non-designed area. It's weird how thick the base coat + top coat are though, huh?

I did this design on February 7th and wore it until today, when I redid my nails. Who knows when I'll post that design! :D My nails were pretty trashed by the end of the week though. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with doing tip designs when I can't keep them on!

Tiger or Fire?

(Click to enlarge.)

I knew it would happen! I'm on a little kick of designed tips (which I'm just going to go ahead and call "French" for the sake of tags), rather than whole nail designs. I used the Konad special polish in orange and yellow on this one. I can't decide whether it looks like a tiger in the wrong colors or a fire.

Also, I'm behind on posting again. This was the design I did on January 31st.